Inspiration now offer Nioxin Therapy

Nioxin is the No 1 salon brand for thinning hair, and Nioxin is also ideal for thicker hair at risk of breakage from colour and heat treatments.

It follows a 3 stage care system that is used at home to create thicker, fuller hair.

It also has its own 3D styling system which works hand in hand with the hair treatments.

It is perfect for both men and women who have concerns with hair loss and is recognised by the Institute of Trichologists.

Nioxin can also have benefits for people receiving chemotherapy.

We have a private consultation room where we can access your hair and scalp with the latest technology called a Nioscope. This magnifies the hair and scalp up to 200 times so it makes it easier to assess problem areas and recommend the best program for needs.

Please do not hesitate to call us and book a free consultation about Nioxin.